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At Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy we strive to empower parents to develop long lasting skills they need to settle their child to sleep.

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Dealing with Natalie was very easy. I was super stressed and tired at our situation. I had just ran out of patience and ideas. I have now used Natalie twice, on separate occasions and different issues, and both times she quickly problem solved it and I had a plan in place the same day I… Continue Reading»

We decided to use Natalie’s service as our 9 month old little boy hadn’t slept through the night since birth, and we were all utterly exhausted.  I was a bit anxious as to what sleep training would involve and if it would even work, but Natalie put me at ease from the moment we had… Continue Reading»

Our third baby Lenny wasn’t a great sleeper. When he was six weeks we moved to a new house causing a lot of upheaval. A couple of months in and we were just starting to get some sleep at night, but we were still waking 3-4 times and not able to put him down for… Continue Reading»

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