Our little boy had been waking 3-6 times a night for 11 months and we were exhausted! I would breastfeed at most wake-ups as it was the quickest way to get everyone back to sleep or sometimes my husband would resettle him and rock him sleep. We were hopeful that he would improve naturally and gradually, and felt apprehensive at implementing sleep training, as we didn’t want our little one to cry it out!

However, we heard Natalie on Kinderling Radio discussing sleep issues, and liked her gentle and guided approach to infant sleep, so we decided to contact her for help.

Natalie was very understanding and encouraging throughout the whole process. She motivated us to make some changes and the results were extremely positive! After a week, our little boy’s sleep had dramatically improved. He has now slept through the night with a dreamfeed several times, something we didn’t think would happen so soon.

We are so grateful for the guidance and support we received from Natalie.

Lisa Dines, mother of Jesse 

When i first contacted Natalie my daughter had slowly been regressing in her sleep and during the day she was constantly grizzling and becoming very difficult to manage. I had been trying to follow sleep routines for babies her age but what i didn’t realize was she was so overtired that this would never work. Natalie taught me that she need to catch up on all the sleep she has been missing out on before she is ready to stay awake so long during the day. Natalie’s approach was easy to follow and i felt confident knowing that she wasn’t going to be crying herself to sleep for hours. I was amazed at how quickly the techniques began to work and most importantly how much happier my daughter was. She was finally playing by herself without needing to be picked up every couple of minutes. Natalie taught me to be aware of the tired signs (i thought i knew these previously but i had no idea). Natalie was easy to contact always replied to my emails and i was happy in how things were progressing. Not every day was perfect but every day we are making progress. In one week we have gone from having a baby who was waking sometimes 10 times a night to now sleeping most of the night with one feed. She is a completely different baby and i am also much happier for it. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who was needing assistance with sleeping day or night.

– Coral  Byron, mother of Lucy


With Natalie’s routine and guidance our sons sleeping has improved beyond measure. Due to his autism we didn’t think anything could help but Natalie’s program has dramatically changed his sleeping habits for the better.

— Sally Tregaskis, mother of Ben

Dealing with Natalie was very easy. I was super stressed and tired at our situation. I had just ran out of patience and ideas. I have now used Natalie twice, on separate occasions and different issues, and both times she quickly problem solved it and I had a plan in place the same day I spoke with her. Easy, practical and suitable to my parenting style. I always felt supported and received honest feedback on my progress. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who needs help in achieving harmony at home and restoring sleep and calm to the house! Thank you Natalie!!

— Michelle Cooper, mother of Aria

We decided to use Natalie’s service as our 9 month old little boy hadn’t slept through the night since birth, and we were all utterly exhausted.  I was a bit anxious as to what sleep training would involve and if it would even work, but Natalie put me at ease from the moment we had our initial Skype call and throughout the entire process.  After only a couple of days following Natalie’s plan (and to my amazement!) our son was already sleeping long stretches through the night and after a week he slept through the night for the very first time! There wasn’t even any crying involved! My family and I are so grateful for all the advice and support Natalie has given us and of course for giving us the gift of sleep!

— Abi Benton, mother of Ezra

Our third baby Lenny wasn’t a great sleeper. When he was six weeks we moved to a new house causing a lot of upheaval. A couple of months in and we were just starting to get some sleep at night, but we were still waking 3-4 times and not able to put him down for a nap during the day at all. When Lenny turned 3 months we decided to see Natalie for a mini consult. Our main aim was to iron out all the creases of the night routine and get some day routine in place.

Just one week later and we have a very different bubba. He’s going down for regular naps and we’re working on stretching these out as much as possible. I believe with a bit more time and patience we’ll get there. We’re also only waking once a night and with a bit of luck we won’t even be doing this in a couple of weeks.

Natalie was very patient with us and gave us tailor made advise to suit our family needs; which is very handy when you have two older children/three kids aged 5 and under.

The mini consult suited our needs perfectly and allowed us enough contact to give us the confidence to see Lenny into a routine and be a family with some rest at last. Thank you Natalie!

— Sarah Nelson, mother of Lenny

Every since Jasper was born, we wrestled with sleep. Although I expected very little sleep for the first few months, I expected that the night nursing would naturally stop and he would begin to sleep longer and by himself. But this did not happen. At one year old, he was still waking anywhere from every forty five minutes to three hours (at most). He didn’t know how to put himself to sleep and definitely didn’t know how put himself back to sleep once he woke up. After a year of little to no sleep, I knew we needed some help.

Natalie was wonderful to work with and with her help we have made huge leaps with Jasper’s sleep. She was very flexible in working with what was best for our family, and adapted her requirements to our needs. She was supportive through the whole process, and even when I felt like I had done a terrible job or broke down from the lack of sleep, she was always there with a kind word. Now, I’m happy to report that Jasper is putting himself to sleep with a little pat and some goodnights, sleeping for ten hours in a row, and if he wakes in the middle of the night, he put himself back to sleep.

— Stephanie Bratnick, mother of Jasper

When we bought our second daughter home earlier this year i was confident we knew what to expect. What i hadn’t realised at the time was our first born was actually a very adaptable baby, who took to routines and changes in routine very quickly. So when my second daughter proved to be a fussy eater who fought sleep and cried a lot we ended up adapting by doing whatever we could to soothe her. This meant by three months we had established bad habits such as co sleeping and demand feeding just to stop the noise! After seeking professional health our paediatrician gave her a good bill of health, but recommended we seek the advice of Natalie to establish a good routine that would suit our families current needs.

Following an initial consultation, Natalie provided us a very clear routine along with guidelines about settling, room set up and sleep aides. Once we started on the new routine, Natalie would check in with us every morning via email, where we had the opportunity to share the previous 24hrs routine (what actually happened versus what we wanted to happen) and ask questions-no matter how silly they seemed. Within the week we had two more phone calls to talk through some of the finer points of the routine and any issues that were coming up. The first two days were hard work but Natalie was very encouraging and by day four we felt much more in control of the situation. By the time our week was up I felt really confident I knew what to do, how to approach certain behaviour and how to adapt the routine when we needed to. We still have weeks of work to do in order to have the routine nailed but we now can see a light at the end of the very noisy tunnel! Natalie has given us back a happy home and children. Without the crying and sleep deprivation our newborn is a happy little lady, our toddler loves being around her sister and mum and dad are loving being parent again. Thank you so much Natalie, we are already raving about you to our family and friends.

— Sharnee Chislett, mother of Bo

Working with Natalie was such a positive experience! We approached Natalie when our baby was 14 months. From birth, our baby was never a good sleeper, but we always figured that by the 1 year mark, he will naturally just sleep. When his 1 year birthday passed and he was still waking up 4-5 times a night, we decided we could not continue this way (we were both working and we were exhausted and we noticed our baby was exhausted too). I wont lie- we were a little apprehensive about contacting a sleep consultant as we were against the crying it out approach and were scared that any sleep training method would require such behavior.

Natalie was just AMAZING. She listened to our requests and was so attentive throughout the entire process. She was supportive and asked about everything- making sure to always hold our hand every step of the way. During the process, I felt our baby understood what was going on and knew that we were with him through all of it and supporting him, so he continued to trust in us that we are always there for him. Within just two weeks we saw such an improvement. All three of us are now sleeping so much better and therefore wake up with more energy and better moods! Our baby is waking up in a better mood and we can see such a difference. Natalie was so positive, supportive, patient and just wonderful to work with. We are so grateful!

— Jessica Brown, mother of Ari

When we first spoke to Natalie about Alice we were quite desperate. She had never been a good sleeper but with the arrival of her baby brother, things got worse. She started to wake up every couple of hours every night and demanding attention and milk. Sometimes she could stay awake for hours. As I was fully dedicated to my baby boy, my husband was totally focusing on her and it was so hard for him too. Then our final mistake – to make our life easier at least in the short term, he moved in to her bedroom. Of course he got stuck there for 4 months as she was becoming more demanding at the stage where only daddy could put her to sleep. He had to rock her and hold her hand each time  (sometimes for almost 1h).

We were terrified before starting sleep training. Despite our worst nightmares with the gentle but firm method that Natalie gave us, we got her sleeping issues sorted without any particular effort (nor much crying from her side), in ten days. We still cannot believe – it used to take us hours to put her in bed in the evening and for naps, waking up several times at night and not later than 5/530 am in the morning. She wasn’t sleeping more than 10/11 h per day. Alice now goes down in a second, without any complaint. She sleeps 14h per day and she is a very happy child.

We cannot thank Natalie enough for this. xx

— Simone, mother of Alice

Before working with Natalie I had a very fussy two month old who slept very little during the day, and who could not sleep anywhere other than on me or my husband in our bed at night.  Although too early for proper sleep training, we knew we needed some guidance in breaking bad habits and in setting a good foundation for sleep now, rather than later. And that is exactly what Natalie helped us do. Her advice, suggestions, and guidance made a huge difference. Within a couple of weeks, our son Gabriel, was not only sleeping in his own crib and room, but also napping beautifully during the day. We were also able to reduce nighttime feeds from three to two feeds a night. Although we still have other areas to work on, Natalie has helped us set realistic and attainable goals to reach as Gabriel grows older. I am very thankful for Natalie’s expertise and incredible support. It has made a huge difference for us and for Gabriel.

Orlee Medalion, mother of Gabriel

Being a first time Mum is a bewildering experience and I am sure like everyone else my priority was keeping my baby happy. Keeping her happy meant we spent many hours going for walks/running errands using the carrier as she liked being upright and close to me which at the beginning was enjoyable, however, we soon fell into a trap of the carrier being the only place our baby would fall asleep in during the day. While it took a little effort to get her down to sleep for the evening, she was a good sleeper across the nights and I thought things would change as she got older and day naps in her cot would come easily – this was not the case! I soon started to feel ’trapped’ by only getting her to sleep in the carrier and my attempts at getting her to nap anywhere else (pram or cot) during the day would often result in both her and I in tears! I decided to help keep my sanity and made a call to Natalie to talk about our challenges with day sleeping. I am so happy I reached out to her because in the space of 2 weeks while we worked with Natalie our lives changed. While it was tough going for a week – and by that I mean really focussing keeping to a routine for nap time and limiting extra curricular activities and outings – we saw improvements almost instantly and now almost a month on we have a baby that for the majority of naps self settles and sleeps in both her cot and pram during the day. It has meant she isn’t reliant on just me to go to sleep which has been brilliant in empowering my husband to be more involved and confident as a parent and has given our days more predictability which has made for a much happier mum and baby. Natalie is responsive, professional and caring I would highly recommend getting in touch with her for anyone considering getting sleep help – you won’t regret it.

— Louisa Keen, mother of Ellie

We have a son that had problems sleeping. He would wake 3-4 times a night and could not fall back to sleep without his bottle. Natalie helped us help him get rid of the dependency on his bottle. She was thorough, professional and thoughtful in her approach. It was a pleasure working with her!

— Tamara Mizroch, mother of James

Since our sessions with Natalie , my daughter Keila started sleeping the whole night through ! I didn’t think it was possible. I felt that Natalie really took into account our family situation and values when consulting us and building a unique sleep plan for us. Natalie was professional, understanding and patient. I highly recommend her!

— Jackie Donner, mother of Keila

As a mother of a second child I would not have dreamed that I would need a sleep consultant. However, Shawn (5 months) made ​​me realize that trying is not a substitute for professional knowledge! After meeting with Natalie I realized how little I knew and I learned a lot! After a period in which Natalie and I were in daily contact, she was able to guide, teach and support me (much still today) and now Shawn falls asleep in two minutes exactly! She has a great night routine, rests well during the day as much as she needs for her age, and is finally a happy and relaxed baby. Thank you!!!!.

— Lily Barlow, mother of Shawn

Natalie is extremely professional. She was available and responsive almost immediately to any phone all or email that we sent. She takes her job very seriously, and in addtion she is lovely, pleasant and fun to talk with. I am so thankful for her guidance, help and support during our difficult times and I recommend her to all families in the same situation – she is worth it!

— Michael Billet, mother of Guy

Natalie saved me. although my LO is slightly younger than 5 months, and the thought of sleep training scared me, Natalie helped me see that I didn’t need to train my daughter, I just needed to get into a routine. Natalie gave me some tools and tips to do this as I was clueless about how much sleep my baby needed. It was always such a struggle getting her to sleep. I picked up a few books, but they didn’t resonate with me and having someone to speak with and verbally share information with me made it much more manageable and easier to understand and undertake. Since working with Natalie, my daughter goes to sleep like a princess and has begun sleeping through the night. all without a struggle or tear. Thanks Natalie!

— Lymore Hauptman, mother of Sam

Since we moved to our new home our son Jonathon (2 1/2)was having trouble self settling for his day and night sleeps. Putting Jonathon to sleep became a real chore and a battle especially for his daytime nap which he still needed in the middle of the day. His body clock was set for a 4am some times 5am or 5.30am wakeup which meant a very grumpy mum and dad to start the day. It also became apparent to us that Jonathon had developed some fears around his bedroom and being in his room alone. I contacted Natalie and she was able to provide my husband and I with some simple yet effective techniques to encourage our son to get himself to sleep and a way to gently encourage a later morning wakeup. In just three days we saw huge improvements and felt like things were back to normal. Natalie was also highly responsive via email and was always very direct with her suggestions and comments. If only I had contacted her sooner!

— Tracey Vertiggo, mother of Jonathan

Natalie saved us! I went into the sleep training with a nervous approach, as we had tried before with another person and I didn’t work- it failed miserably. After Natalie gave us a new schedule and a new plan, we adhered to everything she said, and now a little over a month later, we are all sleeping! Thanks for making a better (rested) Mommy Natalie!

— Jennifer Ludlow, mother of Dylan

Natalie is a natural and I highly recommend working with her on any and all sleep issues you may be having with your baby. She is professional responsive and genuinelly cares that your baby sleeps well, that you sleep well and enjoy a couple of adult hours after the baby goes down each evening.

— Miriam Jenkins, mother of Max

I knew I needed urgent help when I got home one night at around 12:30 am and found my husband holding our baby girl on a bench below our Tel Aviv apartment, trying desperately to get her back to sleep.

I had gone out with a friend, a rare occasion, having left my then 9-month old asleep in her crib with her dad on watch. I had checked in about 2 hours prior to getting home and was assured everything was fine, and our daughter was sound asleep (and to enjoy myself). In fact, she was not asleep, and everything was not fine. She had been up for a few hours, crying off and on, with my husband trying everything to get her back to sleep, except of course breastfeeding her, which is how I rolled.

I took away two things from this night: 1. Husband is a surprisingly good fibber. 2. I needed professional help because things could not go on this way. My daughter was a good sleeper until she hit the 4-month mark. She could sleep for 6-hour stretches at night, which we were told was a very good thing and we should count our blessings. Then things deteriorated quickly. Two month-long trips to the US and a summer war later, our nights looked like this: I would breastfeed my daughter to sleep sometime between 19:00 and 20:00pm and put her in her room, she would sleep until about midnight (if I was lucky), at which point I was usually ready to go to sleep as well and we would all go to bed together where she would breastfeed into oblivion and sleep until about 6:00am.

I told myself this wasn’t so bad, at least she was sleeping, even if her patterns were patchy. But in saner moments, I knew it wasn’t fair to me, to her or to my husband that I was really the only one who could get her to sleep. Like most new moms or moms-to-be, I read some parenting books, browsed some mommy forums, and observed — half fascinated, half horrified — as many threads about sleep methods, (especially CIO) descended into veritable virtual brawls, with some going as far as accusing parents who implemented the method of child abuse. I did not feel I had the mental strength, or the heart, to do CIO, and the pick-up put-down method sounded like a sophisticated form of torture.
Enter Natalie Herman. The woman with a plan.

In just a few minutes of conversation over the phone, I instantly felt more at ease. She understood exactly what we all needed and had a very hands-on but gentle approach to essentially transforming our lives. I was initially very anxious about the process, bracing myself for the tears (mine) and the screeches (our daughter’s) and mentally trying to psyche myself up every time bedtime rolled around. But with the surprisingly quick results came the confidence that we were doing the right thing, with the right consultant.

The fact that my husband could essentially get our baby to sleep using Natalie’s methods was especially striking, and such a relief. With Natalie’s guidance, instruction and friendship, we both learned how to put our daughter to sleep, without breastfeeding, without a bottle, without holding or rocking, and most importantly for us, without crying — just plain drifting off, and sleeping (most of the time) through the night.

There were some trying moments, admittedly, a few challenges (our daughter seemed to really have penchant for the 4:00am wake-ups for a while) but nothing we couldn’t surmount with Natalie’s help. And eventually we did. Our daughter now wakes up between 5:00 and 5:30 am but that totally works for us. We have our evenings and nights back. When people inquire about how my daughter sleeps and I tell them, they always ask if she’s sleep trained. I feel that the training was mainly for us, the parents — and not the baby — in teaching us how to help our daughter sleep. We all lead better lives for it.

Natalie is a real pro. And a Godsend.

— Ricky Bee, mother of Lielle

Wow! What a difference a Natalie makes! We were in Baby Sleep Hell before we hired Natalie. Our 16 month old daughter had been waking up between 4AM and 5:30AM for the day for about 8 months. Her naps had devolved into piddly little 40 minute things, from which she would awake miserable and crying. We thought we had tried EVERYTHING, and to tell you the truth I wasn’t at all convinced that anyone had any new advice that could help us! With a few small changes, none of which were too hard to implement, my daughter now sleeps through the night to past 6 every morning with a consistent 2 hour (or longer!) nap. Natalie was so professional, so empathetic, so consistently there for us. Some of the best money we’ve ever spent!

— Kristen Park, mother of Holland

When we first started sleep training, our ten month old cried and screamed at bed time, and woke up several times a night. Sleepless nights wreaked havoc on our lives. After working with Natalie for a couple of weeks we already began to see major improvements. Today our LO goes to sleep with no tears and sleeps through the night for about 11 hours. We were so lucky to have Natalie guiding us through these past two months.

Natalie was not only our sleep consultant, she was our coach, our therapist, our teacher, and our friend. Natalie was always there to answer our questions, lend a sympathetic ear, cheer us on, and push us in the right direction – with such professionalism and resolve. Natalie genuinely cared about our well being, checking in almost daily to hear how the previous night went. And we never had to wait long to speak with Natalie or to get her feedback. I highly recommend Natalie. So knowledgeable, so caring, so devoted and supportive – I can go on and on.

— Orlee Medalion, mother of Raphael

Natalie is highly professional, very attentive and responsive and my husband and I have come to depend on her advice so much over the past month or so. She has helped us put our son on a schedule and to our delight he started napping during the day (which he hardly did before). and as a result sleeping better at night too. Of course this didn’t happen overnight, but Natalie was there to guide us every step of the way and is still there for any question, doubt and support we need. I’d highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a gentle and personalised approach to sleep training their little one

— Zoe Lavi, mother of Gabi

Our family when we started with Natalie consisted of a 5 month old baby girl who slept up to 5 naps a day (after endless bouncing, ergobaby dancing or a rocky pram ride, all with crying), each 40 minutes to the tee, a long bedtime full of crying, 2-3 one hour wakings during the night, an exhausted mummy and a reluctant daddy. Natalie was beyond supportive, and offered the reassurance we needed that things were going to get better, for all of us. We saw improvements within the first weeks, and today Liv can sleep from 12-13 hour nights and naps from 1-2 hours at a time. She even let us sleep while we were overseas on holiday! To this day, I am overwhelmed with how Liv gives us the biggest smiles as we say goodnight and then doesn’t let out a peep once she is in her crib for the night (except for some chatter with her snuggly).

Natalie really helped us in the path to understanding Liv better, so that we know when she is saying ‘I want to go to bed’ without waiting for the grumpiness and crying to set in. Now, we can’t wait for Liv to wake up refreshed from her sleep (not crying), full of energy and smiles. The best part, is really seeing how much Liv benefited from the process. Nothing makes me happier than knowing she isn’t suffering from being overtired or unable to sleep when all she wants is to rest. Not every day or night is perfect, but now I know that these bumps generally mean something is bothering our little girl and its not so much of a guessing game. I was able to learn so clearly about Liv’s behaviour and needs with Natalie’s guidance. Beyond that, my husband and I can now enjoy going out at night without worrying over what the babysitter has to deal with, and get a full night’s sleep when we get home.

I could not imagine how we would have dealt without having Natalie guide us, support us, and motivate us through this period. Every chat with Natalie provided me with a sense of comfort and positive energy moving forward with helping our Liv. Natalie genuinely cares, and really was in touch with how we were feeling. She dedicated the time to listen to everything that was going on, and was always available when we needed her. I would get off of our daily calls at the start in tears, and not from exhaustion, but from relief that finally someone understood what we were going through and was there real time to help us get through it. I could not recommend her highly enough.

— Tracie Wimmer, mother of Liv

Natalie, I guess every good thing cones to an end.The past week has been both challenging and rewarding. I could have never done it without your ongoing support and guidance. The knowledge that you handed down to me is priceless and there were definitely crucial behaviors that I was doing wrong or was totally unaware of. The morning nap for example and its timing was something I overlooked. The dream feed was a huge life saver for ensuring a night’s sleep. The white noise and the bed-time routine. And of course the chicken soup with semolina which he loves. All have resulted as the beginning of seeing the light of the end of the tunnel. We’re almost there, in the meantime Im seeing a happier calmer baby and a few good hours of consecutive sleep on my end. So a huge thank you for your professionalism and support, would highly recommend your consultation to any sleep-deprived mother like me.

— Adison Scope, mother of Lucas

Natalie was such a tremendous help, it’s hard to put into words. Our little boy now puts himself to sleep beautifully, and it’s only with Natalie’s help that I was able to return to work, and even start a new job, knowing that I would sleep soundly every night. Our boy is so much happier with the sleep that he needs and the confidence that he can put himself to sleep, and he only got those things because Natalie helped us so much. She was constantly available, offering helpful advice and criticism as needed, encouraging us during the hard parts and helping us get to such a better place. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough to anyone looking for help with their baby’s sleep.

— Rachel Schreter, mother of Adam

Our daughter had never been a “good sleeper”. We didn’t have a clue how to get her to go to sleep, except by nursing her – sometimes for hours on end. We never knew how long bedtime would take, and were always worried that she’d wake up and we’d be unable to get her back to sleep again. We’d tried everything we could think of; all the advice of books, parents, and friends; and were fairly doubtful that anyone could help. In desperation we turned to Natalie. What a good move!

She very quickly identified what wasn’t working, and explained to us where to make changes. When she said we might have to wake Ella up if she slept too much, we laughed at the absurdity. Within three days we had our first full nights sleep in 14 months. Two months later, our daughter sleeps through the night, and most importantly, goes to sleep happily by herself at night.

Natalie spoke to us every day without fail, no matter where she or we were in the world. She was always kind and very positive, and she really cared that things were working for us. She kept us on track from making mistakes and creating new problems. She always answered our questions and emails quickly and helpfully. We thoroughly recommend her.

— Jasmine Wittner, mother of Ella

When we moved to Amsterdam in October 2014 our daughter Maria was 4 months old. She had reflux, was a catnapper and we had to move her constantly or hold her in order to get her back to sleep. Back in London we had already tried a simple form of sleep training which was a mixture between crying it out and staying in the room.

This process unfortunately, didn’t work for us or for Maria. Maria was still waking up every 1.5hrs at night (sometimes needing to nurse each time) and during the day she only slept 30mins (3-4 times a day).

Once we arrived in Amsterdam we were both so exhausted. I had to go back to work 4 days a week and I wasn’t sure if i could handle it as I was constantly overtired from getting up in the middle of the night to nurse Maria.

So we started sleep training with a woman that was recommended by many Amsterdam based mothers. We gave it a try and that didn’t work either!

In Christmas 2014 we decided to try it one last time. And luckily we did as this time it was Natalie! Already, within 7 days we managed to get 7hrs sleep in row. Within 4 weeks Maria slept through the night. Within another 4 weeks she was no longer a catnapper! Sometimes we even have to wake her up in the mornings 🙂

She is a totally different baby. Relaxed (so are we), much more friendly. All due to a good rest. She eats better, reflux is gone and her development is improving.

We can’t thank Natalie enough for helping us to make this happen. It was tough at times, but Maria learnt so quickly and we know it is for her best that we decided to sleep train her.

If we are lucky enough to have another baby and find that we are struggling again with sleep, we now know what to do. We highly recommend Natalie!

— Claudia Hesse, mother of Maria

I write this testimonial now as my beautiful four months old daughter put herself to sleep without a peep at 6:45pm tonight. I also have confidence that she will sleep soundly through her 10:30pm dreamfeed and into the morning hours. Just one month ago, it was hard to believe that our girl would fall asleep in her crib by herself – it hadn’t happened since she was a couple weeks old! Three months of long days and nights filled with hours of bouncing, nursing, late night carrier walks, crying and frustration to try to get Clara to sleep have been – much faster than I expected – replaced with baby who can fall asleep on her own and sleep well at night. We have also received the gift of a baby who is much happier and calmer during the day! I am extremely grateful to Natalie’s hands-on training program, which came with patience, encouragement, support, wisdom and – most importantly – absolute faith that our Clara would learn to fall sleep on her own and our family life would get better! Thank you Natalie for your amazing teaching and generous time!

— Liora Bowers, mother of Clara

We contacted Natalie when our first son was 6 months old, and we were desperately trying to help him sleep.

We were experiencing sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, we felt like we were trying to do the right things but were actually doing the wrong ones. We live far from our families, so nobody could really help us and the situation was becoming worse and worse, because our little one used to wake up screaming every 2 hours or so, night and day, and this was killing us.

We knew we needed help and we luckily found Natalie. What she does is not “magic”, she applies a method that she fine-tuned through years of professional experience, nevertheless we found ourselves asking: “How did she do that?”. Yes because already in the first week together we begun to improve the situation and – believe it or not – we could have dinner together!

What Natalie gave us was not just a table or a schedule – surely there’s plenty of them around – but much, much more than that: she gave us daily, constant support, she listened to us, because every family has a different situation and there’s no one size fits all. She encouraged us during the difficult days (and nights) and she celebrated with us the small (and big) achievements. She pushed us when she had to, and she managed to keep us calm and focused on the right things when we were heading the wrong direction.

And she’s always done that with a gentle, calm, and positive approach. We never felt like ‘we had to’ do something, but Natalie helped us understand what behaviours would have a positive effect, and which ones would make us move backwards.

After almost three months of work together, we feel we are now in full control of the situation, our little one sleeps, and so do we. We are much more confident, we are applying the same mentality to other daily matters, and we are in general much more relaxed about many things, because it does make a difference if you sleep or not, much more than we thought.

We would recommend working with Natalie even to someone who never had to wake up in the middle of the night and walk up and down holding a screaming baby, we actually think Natalie’s services should be mandatory by law!

— Liz and GG, parents of Edoardo