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Top tips on dealing with early risers

Whether you are a morning person or not, as a parent it can be difficult to wake early with your baby every morning. Here are my top tips on the best ways to handle an early rising bub! CONSISTENCY Consistency is key in developing a workable routine and helping your child learn when to go… Continue Reading»

How to settle a crying baby

As a parent, there’s nothing more frustrating and unnerving than not being able to settle your crying baby. As most would know, when your child cries it’s their way of communicating their needs and it’s important to understand to the best of your ability what they may be trying to tell you. A persistent crier… Continue Reading»

Wind your clocks – daylight savings is almost here!

Mother Nature is a phenomenal thing. Commanding land, sea and sky, she is also responsible for the changing of time. Sunday, October 1 marks the start of daylight savings and for many parents, a new challenge when it comes to their sleeping baby. Given that daylight savings doesn’t just happen overnight, the gradual shift means… Continue Reading»

Go on, get out there!

One of the questions I often hear from the parents of young children, particularly as the days become longer and warmer, is how they can successfully stick to their child’s day routine without feeling like they are trapped in the house all the time. Children love predictability, so while it’s important to maintain their routine… Continue Reading»

Listen to Natalie talking live about all things sleep

Listen to Natalie Herman, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant talking about all things babies and sleep in her most recent live Q&A. In this video, Natalie discusses settling techniques, why routines are important even in the first few months and how to deal with those dreaded early wake ups.

My review of the CoziGo

As a baby sleep consultant, I hear about different baby products that come onto the market, particularly those that facilitate a good sleep. I had heard great things about the award-winning CoziGo and whilst I had often suggested this product to clients, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out myself. That changed when… Continue Reading»