One of the questions I often hear from the parents of young children, particularly as the days become longer and warmer, is how they can successfully stick to their child’s day routine without feeling like they are trapped in the house all the time. Children love predictability, so while it’s important to maintain their routine… Continue Reading»

Things to consider when planning your baby’s Nursery

The arrival of a baby is an exciting time and for many parents, the new addition to the family unit is the perfect opportunity to get creative and design a dream nursery. With an abundance of #NurseryInspo across social media and beautiful baby rooms regularly featured on lifestyle programmes like The Block, it is very… Continue Reading»

Is sleep training controlled crying?

You can guarantee that whenever there’s talk about babies and sleep, someone will always bring up the method of ‘crying it out’. Whilst this type of sleep training can be successful and in some severe cases it is appropriate, it is not the method I have chosen to adopt to help families achieve healthy sleep… Continue Reading»

Listen to Natalie talking live about all things sleep

Listen to Natalie Herman, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant talking about all things babies and sleep in her most recent live Q&A. In this video, Natalie discusses settling techniques, why routines are important even in the first few months and how to deal with those dreaded early wake ups.

My review of the CoziGo

As a baby sleep consultant, I hear about different baby products that come onto the market, particularly those that facilitate a good sleep. I had heard great things about the award-winning CoziGo and whilst I had often suggested this product to clients, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out myself. That changed when… Continue Reading»

Tips for how to handle daylight savings

Daylight savings is fast approaching and you may already be aware of this as many babies start to wake up early in preparation for this time change. What can you do to ensure that your baby will adjust to the new time zone as quickly and as smoothly as possible? On this side of the… Continue Reading»