Having a baby is a real miracle but then when that little angel doesn’t sleep, the miracle becomes a nightmare. In these moments many parents turn to sleep school. Have you been to sleep school with your first, second or third child but are unsure as to what happens next? Were you successful with all… Continue Reading»

Does having a baby mean years of no sleep?

I know when I was late in to my pregnancy with my daughter everyone said to me: you better sleep now, you will never sleep when the baby arrives. Or, enjoy your free time now, soon it will be a thing of the past. Or make sure you have couple alone time, and do the… Continue Reading»

Sleep needs according to age

How much sleep does your baby need according to age? So many mums ask me this so I thought it would be a good idea to put it in to a nice table for you below. Natalie xxx Total numbers of hours per 24 hours Age Day time sleep Night time sleep Total number of hours… Continue Reading»

The 4th trimester

Top tips for managing the “4th trimester” The first few months of a baby’s life especially for new parents, is often the hardest and most challenging part of parenting. Couples bring their baby home from the hospital and they don’t come with a manual or guide. Yes, there is a lot of sleep literature available… Continue Reading»

The importance of a comforter

I lost my 4 year old’s comforter last night and it was a huge disaster. She ended sleeping in my bed which has perhaps happened only a handful of times in her 4 years of life. I don’t allow it unless it’s an emergency which this was! It reminded me how important a comforter is… Continue Reading»