Tips for how to handle daylight savings

Daylight savings is fast approaching and you may already be aware of this as many babies start to wake up early in preparation for this time change. What can you do to ensure that your baby will adjust to the new time zone as quickly and as smoothly as possible? On this side of the… Continue Reading»

Watch Natalie’s recent LIVE Facebook Q&A

Hi Everyone, For those who didn’t get a chance to pop online and join the LIVE video Facebook Q&A here is a link to the 1hour talk. It was so great to hear from everyone and I can’t wait to get back online and get in touch soon to answer all your sleep questions. Natalie… Continue Reading»

Changes we have made before baby no 2.

At 23 weeks pregnant and with number 2 on the way, it has definitely been an interesting journey. The biggest difference I note from my first pregnancy is the heightened level of fatigue. When pregnant with my daughter, I was at the gym 3 times a week at 6am, eating well and with bounds of… Continue Reading»

Why it is important to savor the baby years

When my 4 year old said to me yesterday ‘mummy I like spending time with you, but I really like being around my friends. It can’t just be you and me only all the time’ I actually had to go to another room and take out the tissues. Following this, she then requested to stay… Continue Reading»

Top parenting tips for travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby may often impact on their sleep, but there’s no reason things need to get overly out of control. All my clients dread this time, but there are definitely things you can do in order to make a family trip as smooth as possible. Read here my top tips on how best… Continue Reading»

Today’s testimonial 14 month old baby Ari

When I first spoke with Jessica she was exhausted from a series of repetitive night wake ups with her son Ari. Jessica believed in positive parenting and was looking for a more gentle approach that was based on encouragement rather than crying it out. We worked together on developing a good routine for Ari and… Continue Reading»

Sleep school… now what?

Having a baby is a real miracle but then when that little angel doesn’t sleep, the miracle becomes a nightmare. In these moments many parents turn to sleep school. Have you been to sleep school with your first, second or third child but are unsure as to what happens next? Were you successful with all… Continue Reading»

Does having a baby mean years of no sleep?

I know when I was late in to my pregnancy with my daughter everyone said to me: you better sleep now, you will never sleep when the baby arrives. Or, enjoy your free time now, soon it will be a thing of the past. Or make sure you have couple alone time, and do the… Continue Reading»

Sleep needs according to age

How much sleep does your baby need according to age? So many mums ask me this so I thought it would be a good idea to put it in to a nice table for you below. Natalie xxx Total numbers of hours per 24 hours Age Day time sleep Night time sleep Total number of hours… Continue Reading»