As a baby sleep consultant, I hear about different baby products that come onto the market, particularly those that facilitate a good sleep.

I had heard great things about the award-winning CoziGo and whilst I had often suggested this product to clients, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out myself.

That changed when my son, Ben, was born 9 weeks ago. I was keen to test it out and as I love an active lifestyle, the idea of my baby sleeping well whilst I got some errands done or exercised, was quite appealing.

The very first time I tried CoziGo, I slipped it over my pram for a brisk walk to the shops. No exaggeration, I was stopped by three mothers separately who asked me about the CoziGo. I think what grabbed their attention was that it sat so neatly and securely on my pram, whilst they had their muslin wraps clipped to their pram shades, blowing in the breeze. I explained to them that although the fabric looked more of a heavy weight than muslin, it was actually 100% breathable.

As CoziGo blocks out the light and prevents any sort of distraction, Ben is able to fall asleep easily when I’m using it. When Ben naps at home in his cot, the room is dark and I believe the CoziGo recreates the sleeping environment he is used to.

In my role as a baby sleep consultant, I support parents in achieving healthy sleep patterns for their babies. In order to do this, there needs to be a consistent sleep routine. It is not always possible to be at home for every daytime sleep and the CoziGo allows me to venture out knowing that Ben will have just as good a sleep in his pram as he would in this own cot. This is very comforting to someone like me who understands the importance of little ones having a sound sleep.

In my mind I had always thought of CoziGo as being an accessory that you use whilst on the go, when you’re outside. Where I have found it to be so useful is actually indoors.

I have recently resumed my boxing classes at my local gym, which I absolutely love. I now coordinate my boxing classes with Ben’s sleep and I take him and his CoziGo to the gym whilst I workout. Both he and I feel better for it afterward.

I keep the CoziGo at the bottom of the pram so that it is easy to access even when Ben is not sleeping, but when he needs some shade from the sun. There are two zips at the sides that open to make little windows so that he can see out and feel the breeze.

CoziGo is a product that promotes and supports healthy sleep patterns for babies, no matter where you are. I will continue to recommend it to my clients and can now let them know about my own personal experience! It is an accessory that gives parents freedom to do what they need to do without compromising their baby’s sleep routine.