Having a baby is a real miracle but then when that little angel doesn’t sleep, the miracle becomes a nightmare. In these moments many parents turn to sleep school.

Have you been to sleep school with your first, second or third child but are unsure as to what happens next? Were you successful with all children, or just one?

I have noticed, since moving back to Australia after living abroad for almost 10 years that sleep school is like a new right of passage. If you haven’t gone there yourself, there’s no doubt you have a friend or sister who has been. It’s definitely another tick of the box once you’re pregnant: Set up gynecologist, put your name down at your local crèche and enrol at sleep school.

I’m not saying there is no place for sleep school. Many mums have found it very helpful. However, for those that have struggled with the aftermath and found it exceptionally difficult to maintain the routines, there is an alternative way to deal with your baby’s sleep issues. In my opinion, equipping parents with the skill and confidence for longer lasting success involves a more personalized approach, one that is tailored to you, to your baby and to your lifestyle

There is no doubt for hundreds of families it is a lifesaver. In only a few days they manage to get your little baby to sleep through the night. And, as far as we know, they remain an angel sleeper forever and ever.

I have to wonder though, 1 – how true that actually is in reality. Even the best sleepers go through a number of different sleep regressions as a result of illness, jet lag, development leaps and teething or even the introduction of a new sibling. 2 – how those other mothers feel who weren’t successful at sleep school? Those mothers that arrive home and are just at a loss how to continue the regime and routine their baby was used to at sleep school. Soon enough a few months down the track, their baby is waking up at night. Either because the routine was too strict and rigid or merely because it’s not always possible to adopt a text book approach and have it work for every child!

It is to those mothers that I’m writing this blog so you can see there is help and support for you after sleep school. The programs and training that I offer are tailor-made inside your own home.

The initial consultation involves meeting with both parents in their home for two to three hours (depending on which package you choose). The benefit of this approach rather than sleep school is that both the father and mother are involved in the process, which means you can turn to your partner and use their support during the night when you are trying to put your baby to sleep. I can imagine it’s hard for Dad’s to feel inspired to do the training a mother learns at sleep school if they haven’t been at all part of the process.

Prior to this meeting parents complete quite detailed paperwork so I already have a good sense about the environment of the house and also the specific personality of the child. This allows me to manage my expectations and tailor the program accordingly to the lifestyle of the family. As I always say, there is no point implementing a routine for a family that is very unlikely to be able to stick to it on a daily basis. Not every family is comfortable to put their child to bed at 6pm, so there’s no benefit in suggesting this. If we want the program to work, then we have to create a routine that I know the parents will feel comfortable with.

Following this meeting, I work very closely with parents in improving their child’s sleep. I give them the tools and empower them to deal with their own child’s issues, so later down the track, once the consultation period is over, they have the knowledge and skills to deal with any regression that may come their way. As we all know there are many.

For me, this is the most important and effective part of what I do and what makes my work different from sleep school. Some of us need that companionship and closeness to a coach when we are going through a difficult time. Someone that can encourage us to keep going and to show that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

I genuinely believe the best and most supportive service you can give parents is the after care, the follow up support when they are in their own home trying to implement night after the night the sleep training techniques I provide them.

This way we are all dealing with day-to-day real life scenarios where both parents are involved and can help and support one another. To me this way of dealing with sleep issues makes a lot of sense. I know deep down you would rather feel a sense of empowerment yourself and know that you can also put your baby to sleep and be successful with it long term!

To read more about my packages and consultation in general, feel free to browse my website or give me a call.