Every since Jasper was born, we wrestled with sleep. Although I expected very little sleep for the first few months, I expected that the night nursing would naturally stop and he would begin to sleep longer and by himself. But this did not happen. At one year old, he was still waking anywhere from every forty five minutes to three hours (at most). He didn’t know how to put himself to sleep and definitely didn’t know how put himself back to sleep once he woke up. After a year of little to no sleep, I knew we needed some help.

Natalie was wonderful to work with and with her help we have made huge leaps with Jasper’s sleep. She was very flexible in working with what was best for our family, and adapted her requirements to our needs. She was supportive through the whole process, and even when I felt like I had done a terrible job or broke down from the lack of sleep, she was always there with a kind word. Now, I’m happy to report that Jasper is putting himself to sleep with a little pat and some goodnights, sleeping for ten hours in a row, and if he wakes in the middle of the night, he put himself back to sleep.