Our third baby Lenny wasn’t a great sleeper. When he was six weeks we moved to a new house causing a lot of upheaval. A couple of months in and we were just starting to get some sleep at night, but we were still waking 3-4 times and not able to put him down for a nap during the day at all. When Lenny turned 3 months we decided to see Natalie for a mini consult. Our main aim was to iron out all the creases of the night routine and get some day routine in place.

Just one week later and we have a very different bubba. He’s going down for regular naps and we’re working on stretching these out as much as possible. I believe with a bit more time and patience we’ll get there. We’re also only waking once a night and with a bit of luck we won’t even be doing this in a couple of weeks.

Natalie was very patient with us and gave us tailor made advise to suit our family needs; which is very handy when you have two older children/three kids aged 5 and under.

The mini consult suited our needs perfectly and allowed us enough contact to give us the confidence to see Lenny into a routine and be a family with some rest at last. Thank you Natalie!