When i first contacted Natalie my daughter had slowly been regressing in her sleep and during the day she was constantly grizzling and becoming very difficult to manage. I had been trying to follow sleep routines for babies her age but what i didn’t realize was she was so overtired that this would never work. Natalie taught me that she need to catch up on all the sleep she has been missing out on before she is ready to stay awake so long during the day. Natalie’s approach was easy to follow and i felt confident knowing that she wasn’t going to be crying herself to sleep for hours. I was amazed at how quickly the techniques began to work and most importantly how much happier my daughter was. She was finally playing by herself without needing to be picked up every couple of minutes. Natalie taught me to be aware of the tired signs (i thought i knew these previously but i had no idea). Natalie was easy to contact always replied to my emails and i was happy in how things were progressing. Not every day was perfect but every day we are making progress. In one week we have gone from having a baby who was waking sometimes 10 times a night to now sleeping most of the night with one feed. She is a completely different baby and i am also much happier for it. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who was needing assistance with sleeping day or night.

– Coral  Byron, mother of Lucy