Our little boy had been waking 3-6 times a night for 11 months and we were exhausted! I would breastfeed at most wake-ups as it was the quickest way to get everyone back to sleep or sometimes my husband would resettle him and rock him sleep. We were hopeful that he would improve naturally and gradually, and felt apprehensive at implementing sleep training, as we didn’t want our little one to cry it out!

However, we heard Natalie on Kinderling Radio discussing sleep issues, and liked her gentle and guided approach to infant sleep, so we decided to contact her for help.

Natalie was very understanding and encouraging throughout the whole process. She motivated us to make some changes and the results were extremely positive! After a week, our little boy’s sleep had dramatically improved. He has now slept through the night with a dreamfeed several times, something we didn’t think would happen so soon.

We are so grateful for the guidance and support we received from Natalie.

Lisa Dines, mother of Jesse