When we first spoke to Natalie about Alice we were quite desperate. She had never been a good sleeper but with the arrival of her baby brother, things got worse. She started to wake up every couple of hours every night and demanding attention and milk. Sometimes she could stay awake for hours. As I was fully dedicated to my baby boy, my husband was totally focusing on her and it was so hard for him too. Then our final mistake – to make our life easier at least in the short term, he moved in to her bedroom. Of course he got stuck there for 4 months as she was becoming more demanding at the stage where only daddy could put her to sleep. He had to rock her and hold her hand each time  (sometimes for almost 1h).

We were terrified before starting sleep training. Despite our worst nightmares with the gentle but firm method that Natalie gave us, we got her sleeping issues sorted without any particular effort (nor much crying from her side), in ten days. We still cannot believe – it used to take us hours to put her in bed in the evening and for naps, waking up several times at night and not later than 5/530 am in the morning. She wasn’t sleeping more than 10/11 h per day. Alice now goes down in a second, without any complaint. She sleeps 14h per day and she is a very happy child.

We cannot thank Natalie enough for this. xx