Working with Natalie was such a positive experience! We approached Natalie when our baby was 14 months. From birth, our baby was never a good sleeper, but we always figured that by the 1 year mark, he will naturally just sleep. When his 1 year birthday passed and he was still waking up 4-5 times a night, we decided we could not continue this way (we were both working and we were exhausted and we noticed our baby was exhausted too). I wont lie- we were a little apprehensive about contacting a sleep consultant as we were against the crying it out approach and were scared that any sleep training method would require such behavior.

Natalie was just AMAZING. She listened to our requests and was so attentive throughout the entire process. She was supportive and asked about everything- making sure to always hold our hand every step of the way. During the process, I felt our baby understood what was going on and knew that we were with him through all of it and supporting him, so he continued to trust in us that we are always there for him. Within just two weeks we saw such an improvement. All three of us are now sleeping so much better and therefore wake up with more energy and better moods! Our baby is waking up in a better mood and we can see such a difference. Natalie was so positive, supportive, patient and just wonderful to work with. We are so grateful!