When we bought our second daughter home earlier this year i was confident we knew what to expect. What i hadn’t realised at the time was our first born was actually a very adaptable baby, who took to routines and changes in routine very quickly. So when my second daughter proved to be a fussy eater who fought sleep and cried a lot we ended up adapting by doing whatever we could to soothe her. This meant by three months we had established bad habits such as co sleeping and demand feeding just to stop the noise! After seeking professional health our paediatrician gave her a good bill of health, but recommended we seek the advice of Natalie to establish a good routine that would suit our families current needs.

Following an initial consultation, Natalie provided us a very clear routine along with guidelines about settling, room set up and sleep aides. Once we started on the new routine, Natalie would check in with us every morning via email, where we had the opportunity to share the previous 24hrs routine (what actually happened versus what we wanted to happen) and ask questions-no matter how silly they seemed. Within the week we had two more phone calls to talk through some of the finer points of the routine and any issues that were coming up. The first two days were hard work but Natalie was very encouraging and by day four we felt much more in control of the situation. By the time our week was up I felt really confident I knew what to do, how to approach certain behaviour and how to adapt the routine when we needed to. We still have weeks of work to do in order to have the routine nailed but we now can see a light at the end of the very noisy tunnel! Natalie has given us back a happy home and children. Without the crying and sleep deprivation our newborn is a happy little lady, our toddler loves being around her sister and mum and dad are loving being parent again. Thank you so much Natalie, we are already raving about you to our family and friends.