The arrival of a baby is an exciting time and for many parents, the new addition to the family unit is the perfect opportunity to get creative and design a dream nursery.

With an abundance of #NurseryInspo across social media and beautiful baby rooms regularly featured on lifestyle programmes like The Block, it is very easy for parents to get caught up in paint samples while planning rooms stylishly packed to the brim with toys, prints and other decorative items.

While a beautiful nursery is something every parent wants, for bub, it is important to keep things simple.

During your baby’s first year, everything is new – sounds, sights and smells. A nursery that is too crowded and filled with decorative pieces, can be distracting – and with so much going on for bub developmentally, things can quickly get overwhelming.
The perfect nursery is a space where bub feels calm and relaxed. A palette of muted colours, such as pastels, greys or soft whites will instantly make the room feel serene.

Consider your lighting. Babies are sensitive to light and sunlight may cause them to wake prematurely or prevent them from dozing off to sleep. Artificial light, such as the red light on the monitor or a night light can be distracting, so when placing these items in the nursery, keep them out of bub’s line of vision.

The temperature of the nursery is very important. If a space is too warm or too cold, bub will feel it and this can affect both their mood and their sleep. Where you can, place baby’s cot away from the door or any windows as draughts can cause early waking’s and discomfort.

A stand-alone radiator heater in the cooler months will help to regulate temperatures overnight as will access to sleeping bags of varying tog levels for baby to go to bed in.

Nursery essentials include somewhere safe for baby to sleep, a place for changing and ideally, a comfy armchair or rocking chair for cuddles during the newborn phase.

The nursery is a hub of the home, and a place where you’ll build many memories. The room does not need to be elaborately decorated, as long as your baby is surrounded by laughter and love, the space will be their safe space. As baby gets older, their room can incorporate more colour and become a place of sleep and play.

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