What are my Top 10 Napping tips for getting your baby to sleep better during the day?

1. Try to avoid over stimulating your baby at least 30 minutes before putting them down for a nap.

2. Create a sense of downtime by reading a nice book or singing a lullaby at least 15 minutes before putting them to sleep.

3. Look out clearly for signs of tiredness and put your baby down for a nap before they reach this stage. Clear signs of tiredness include: rubbing their eyes, playing with their hair, ears and yawning.

4. Be careful not to give your baby too much awake time during the day. Follow their sleep window according to their age when considering what times of the day are best for them to go down for a nap.

5. Try and create a consistent napping schedule where your baby goes down for a nap at specific times of the day.

6. Don’t let your baby sleep for too long or too short at a particular nap time. Ie: if you baby needs 3 hours in a day then spread it out evenly over 2-3 naps otherwise they will be awake too long between the time they wake up from their final nap of the day and the time they go to bed at night.

7. Be careful not to feed your baby to sleep in order to get them down for a nap. They will quickly become used to this habit and will need this assistance each time they go to sleep.

8. Try and fill up your baby really well before putting them down for a nap as well as keep them hydrated.

9. Rocking your baby to sleep will also create bad habits down the track. Rather ssh and pat their back if they need a soothing technique.

10. Ensure the temperature in the room is not too hot or too cold.