How should I set up my baby room for optimal sleep?

Reduce stimulation

Up until your baby is one year old their room should have as little stimulation as possible. An over stimulated environment will cause them to stay awake for longer periods of time when you are trying to get them back to sleep/resettle them during the night. Avoid hanging too many things on the wall or over their crib. Ie: a mobile as this will merely keep them awake as you are giving them something to look at it and get distracted by.

How do I deal with the end of daylight savings?

How do you prepare for daylight savings? My LO is waking up earlier than normal, so I assume yours is too! It’s most likely due to the time change which is happening next month on this side of the world. All parents dread sudden changes to routines especially those who are in the midst of sleep training and I don’t blame you. All that hard work and suddenly daylight savings arrives and potentially your whole schedule is off.

How do I know when my baby is ready to drop from 2 naps down to 1?

What is the best way to manage this transition? It’s never easy, especially as a first time parent to know when is the right time to transition your baby down to 1 nap from 2. Every baby is also different with their own unique personalities and often develop at different rates…

Is a routine possible in the first 3 months?

By around 6-8 weeks once the first two months of the newborn phase are almost over and your new baby’s body clock has started to sink in (around 6 weeks), you should try to start forming little routines during the day and especially at bedtime….

What are some tips when travelling with a baby and dealing with jet lag?

Travelling with a baby may often impact on their sleep, but there’s no reason things need to get overly out of control.

See here our top tips when managing the effects of jet lag:

If you are choosing to travel at night, try and ensure that your baby gets a good amount of restful sleep on the day of your scheduled flight. Avoid too much activity and overstimulation. Also ensure they are well hydrated in time for your flight.

The dream feed/roll over feed and the benefits

At every new client visit, parents ask me what the pros and cons are of administering the dream feed, or what many refer to as the roll over feed.

Whilst there is a lot of literature out there regarding the dream feed, we here at Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy feel it is a great tool to use in getting your baby more settled at night.

How can you get dad involved in caring for your baby?

So often when I am meeting with new families, I need to spend a long time making sure I connect with the father.

Why? Because he hasn’t been getting up at night for the past 8 months and therefore doesn’t see that there’s a sleep issue? Or because he’s scared sleep training will mean he has to all of a sudden become involved in settling his child? In these cases I don’t believe it’s because he doesn’t want to be involved, I think it’s the opposite. I think he desperately WANTS to be involved but doesn’t know how.