What are our top tips for bringing home a newborn?

You’ve just bought a new baby home from the hospital and if you’re a first time parent it can be really daunting to know what to do next, especially in regards to their sleep.

Here are some of our top tips for handling the first few weeks.

What are our Top 10 Napping Tips?

What are my Top 10 Napping tips for getting your baby to sleep better during the day?

1. Try to avoid over stimulating your baby at least 30 minutes before putting them down for a nap.

2. Create a sense of downtime by reading a nice book or singing a lullaby at least 15 minutes before putting them to sleep.

What are ways I can sooth my baby?

Finding the right type of soothing strategies can be really hard. It’s never easy to be with your new baby all day every day if you are having trouble getting them to sleep. Simple errands become overly difficult and days become harder and harder to get through. So many mums feel a sense of relief when their husband comes home at the of end of a work day so they can finally ‘handball’ their baby and get a much needed break!

Why does my baby cry?

It’s the one thing that we struggle with most as parents. What is causing your baby to cry and how do you calm him down?

Crying does not always need to be a bad thing. It is actually completely natural for your baby to cry and it is the way that they express themselves to the world. It is a natural form of communication. However it can be very difficult when you do not know why your baby is crying.

How should I be handling my child’s sudden sleep regression?

Sleep regression especially during sleep training can be disheartening, frustrating and scary!! The weeks of training and hard work were going so well and all of a sudden you are facing consecutive night wake ups after having so many nights of blissful sleep.

How much sleep does my baby and toddler need?

How many hours a day should your baby and toddler be sleeping?
How many naps do they need?

Mastering a good nap routine can be one of the hardest parts of being a parent.
Everyone talks about the fact that your baby and toddler need to nap during the day, but how many hours do they need? And what should your napping schedule look like?

How do I get my baby to nap better during the day?

Getting your baby to nap during the day – How??

Getting your baby down for a nap during the day can be the hardest struggle parents go through and for some, even harder than getting them to sleep at night.

Have you got baby number 2 on the way?

Is baby number 2 on the way? Are you unsure how your first child will react and whether this change will impact their sleep?

During my private consultations I often hear parents conernced about reaching this milestone, especially when they are having children close together.

Do I need to contact a sleep consultant?

Have you been struggling with your child’s sleep issues for a while but are still debating whether you need to contact a sleep consultant?

The most important thing to remember is that it’s OK. You’re not a bad parent for trying something that is not working and then not knowing what other options you have. How do you know if something is not right if you have never been informed by a sleep professional?

Top tips on how to deal with early risers

What is the best way to deal with an early riser?

Whether as a parent you are a morning person or not, no one likes to wake up early.

Here are some tips below of how how best to deal with an early riser.

Note that even though ‘6am’ for many parents is considered extremely early, it may be difficult or harsh to ignore your baby’s cries at this hour as effectively day time starts from this time.